Norwood News on housing work

The stems of a greenish, moldy plant were seen protruding from the bathroom ceiling cracks inside a Kingsbridge apartment belonging to a tenant named America. In the kitchen, packing tape covers a water pipe while green mold settles on her living room wall.

At another apartment inside the same building, Auri Aguilera, a tenant, deals with a gaping hole on her bathroom ceiling. She’s made repeated attempts to call for repairs. Crews do come, only to perform shoddy work.

America and other tenants at 2675 Creston Ave. in Kingsbridge consider themselves victims of a notorious slumlord who has ignored making improved conditions in their homes and are now considering a lawsuit.

Tenants have complained that the building owner, Ved Parkash, has left the building to deteriorate, forcing them to make numerous calls to 311 that often still leaves issues unresolved. In one last attempt to get Parkash to cooperate with them without the help of the courts, tenants have been organizing with the Northwest Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition, and the Urban Justice League to move forward with repairs in their homes.