Sistas & Brothas United Youth Program

SBU’s mission is to develop the leadership of youth in the Northwest Bronx community who are concerned with the conditions in their neighborhood, interested in developing creative ways to address these problems in concrete ways, and believe in their own ability to build people power to hold all public officials accountable for the decisions they make.

SBU’s leaders fight for educational justice, more jobs for youth and community residents, and for more community-based resources.

“Our money is spent on war while the concrete streets in our neighborhoods crack and crumble. Our education decays because there is a lack of resources in our schools and little motivation for the students. I live with struggles all around me. I feel like a prisoner in my own school. There are no jobs in the Bronx for a young person like me. In SBU, I watched mentors help youth move forward with their lives and then I became a mentor too. Now I want better lives for all of the youth. Together we can overcome challenges and break through the obstacles that are holding us back.”

–Elizabeth Vincent, SBU core leader

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